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However inappropriate, the different levels of governments approaches and the inherent problems created by them, it only serves to weaken and destroy Aboriginal communities and by extension Aboriginal youth.

The colonizers introduced foreign lifestyles that destroyed the indigenous lifestyles with the result of the current poor health as well as the well being of the Aboriginal community today Strathern, Marilyn Although Solar Storms blurs the participants and enlarges the setting to tell a dramatic story, Hogan draws on the reality the indigenous inhabitants of James Bay faced and on their resistance to the project.

Writing is one thing, living it is another. These same companies were also large contributors to not only political parties but many events such as the Olympics.

The poor health of the Aboriginal people is clearly the result of the colonization and settlement of the Europeans. The excess products after trading would be traded for raw materials and slaves in the British colonies, mostly in Africa. Publishing is a gateway to this sort of cultural conditioning and books do impact how people see a certain race, especially if the face of the author is white and he is part of the establishment as Boyden is.

The decline was in the range of from a third of a million during the time of colonization to as little as about 74, years latter Strathern, Marilyn ,a decrease of about three quarters. Further complication to the situation was a result of poor diet and dense population in the segregation camps Thomas,Nicholas They would be hunted and driven off cliffs, killed in mass shootings, and fed poisoned food.

This also brought about an acute decline in the population of the Aboriginal people overtime. The land has also been plundered for many generations and will only heal slowly, if at all.

The desire to prosper like those who had visited America earlier led to the colonization of America by the Scotts around In the contrary, for the Europeans good diet and nutrition modern medication and sanitary living conditions were promoted.

It targeted children, as well as parents, to help promote healthy choices in food intake.

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A Primary health care persepctive. Take for instance the policy initiative Building a Healthy, Active Australia.

Colonization of the aboriginal people

The traditional life of the Aboriginal people was based on hunting wild animals as well as gathering in the natural fields, which was obstructed by the invasion and subsequent colonization and settlement by the Europeans Strathern, Marilyn Another alternative to help with cultural adaptation is to include more branches of research other than sociology.

The Canadian government has realized their mistakes and are now trying to fix them. This favor extended to conducting medical examination to the Aboriginal people simply to safeguard the Europeans from contact with the infected Aboriginal people Birdsell, Joseph The indigenous hardly welcomes the idea of hospitalization or even occasional visiting to hospitals as well as taking modern medicine,but rather visit traditional community herbalists and healers who make use of traditionally made medicines Lockwood, Victoria Subsequently the exposure of the Aboriginal people to these diseases led to their poorest state of health.

No one had asked the water what it wanted. Unlike the indigenous refusal to the use of modern medication, the Europeans readily made use of the modern techniques of treatment that improved their immunity to the new diseases, that included among others measles smallpox tuberculosis e.

Angel contemplates how men could go against nature: Social Determinants of Indigenous Health. The creation of APTN shows how people are willing to change, Canadians are doing what they can, little at a time to fix and make everyone equals. A Case Study in Frustration and Hope. Retrieved 25 October http: Beforethe Aboriginal people of Australia had been living there for over 60, years.

Colonization of the aboriginal people Essay

As they were torn between their ancient and introduced European culture, their emotional well-being was fast eroded leaving them frustrated as well as depressed. In the end, then, Angel is not the tragic mixed blood or the victim of self-destruction, nor is her tribe culturally impotent.

The middle colony produced wheat in large qualities. As settlers took land, the native peoples were shut out of their own homes and sources of food and other necessities. The project was launched in to provide electricity for New York City without prior notification to the people it would affect. So what was the outcome of Aboriginal people today.

The decline was in the range of from a third of a million during the time of colonization to as little as about 74, years latter Strathern, Marilyn ,a decrease of about three quarters.

Loss of their original land 3. Aboriginal people in Canada are the indigenous group of people that were residing in Canada prior to the European colonization.

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The term First Nations, Indian and indigenous are used interchangeably when referring to aboriginal people. Any opinions, findings, conclusions or recommendations expressed in this material are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the views of UK Essays.

Consequences of Australian Colonisation

Published: Mon, 5 Dec Canada is considered a prestigious member of the First World, with a thriving economy and industry, high standard of living and democratic government that supports and protects its citizens. - The colonization of the Americas by the Spanish, starting in the late 15th century, was marked by the violent suppression and exploitation of the indigenous populations.

Legitimized by royal support and proselytizing papal decree, the colonists expanded territory. the whole country has made to all indigenous people. Throughout the years Canadians have become more educated about the lack of difference between aboriginal peoples and other ethnicities, Canadians have learnt that the problems aboriginal peoples face are mainly caused by a chain effect originating from European racism.

More Essay Examples on Colonization Rubric Colonization and subsequent invasion of the aboriginal people in Australia by the Europeans has a very significant orientation towards their health, living conditions as well as their general well-being.

Aboriginal Colonization and Child Welfare Programs - Much of the research on the topic of Aboriginal colonization and policy focuses around child welfare programs.

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